Why Organic Wine?

Org de Rac was one of the first wine farms in South Africa committed to 100% certified organic wine-farming. Today it is one of only 18 local wine producers certified for the making of wines from organically farmed grapes.

From the outset, Org de Rac’s motive for organic farming was our conviction that the best, healthiest grapes make the finest wines. And if you want healthy grapes expressing the characteristics of each variety, creating as natural an environment as possible for the cultivation of vineyards is the best way to ensure quality grapes for the making of premium wines.

The Org de Rac Story

The farm was purchased in 2001 by Nico Bacon (pictured left), an entrepreneur in the South African fishing industry who had a vision of establishing a wine farm committed to offering local and international consumers premier wines made from organically grown grapes. The first vines were planted in 2002.

During the establishing of Org de Rac the best-known specialists were brought into the fold to direct the operation and to assist in achieving the ultimate goal. Soil classifications showed the physical structure and chemical analysis which determine which grape varieties are suitable for planting. The viticulturists used the assessments of the soil types and decision of which rootstock (we use American imported rootstock refined in France) to attach on the correct variety to plant on the specific sites.

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